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Welcome to Dermodality Skin Solutions, the professional’s, professional skin care line.

The goal of Dermodality Education is to support the success of skin care professionals by providing quality clinical skin care technologies and educational opportunities to increase client retention and profitability. Dermodality developed the proprietary process of Pre-Conditioning before treatments and Layering chemical peels to allow for the greatest amount of efficacy with little down time that produces amazing results. With Dermodality’s professional chemical peels for estheticians, you can create a custom skin routine for every skin type and condition.



Pumpkin Peel

Dermodality Skin Solutions was founded with the skin care professional in mind, creating professional, high performance treatments to meet client expectations and to ensure client satisfaction. We truly are the trusted choice for professional skincare products for licensed estheticians. We have developed a “pre-conditioning” and “hybrid” peel  system to address a broad spectrum of skin conditions with one treatment. Our Prescription Mask System includes professional facial products that allow the esthetician to customize each and every treatment to address individual client needs. Essentially, the skin care provider becomes the chemist, custom blending treatment masks and moisturizers for an individual clients needs.

Dermodality uses only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients with proven track records. Our products are more effective than the current medical grade products used in physician’s offices and med-spas today. We offer outstanding, tested protocols and training to give the esthetician and skin care professional the confidence they need to deliver the best and most effective skin care available in the industry.

Dermodality provides advanced training for licensed professionals as well as supplemental education for esthetic students in conjunction with the beauty academies. Although these classes cover the Dermodality products and treatments, they go way beyond product knowledge. Our classes are expanding the knowledge of our attendees, whether they are licensed professionals or about to be licensed, to understand why and how the skin ages, how acne develops, why do people get rosacea or pigment spots, what are the causes, how do we treat them. The attendants in our training classes graduate with the confidence to speak to their clients about these situations and to treat even the most difficult skin types and skin issues.

To make sure that the results initiated in the treatment room continue, Dermodality has developed a full line of home care products. You cannot expect to do a treatment once a month and expect to maintain the amazing results without home support. Home care is the only way to ensure client satisfaction and continue skin improvement. Without home care, you are starting over each time your client visits.

It’s unfortunate, but if your clients do not use home care products, your peel treatment will be ineffective. You cannot achieve the results they are looking for unless they do some of the work at home. The treatments are designed to be performed every 4 weeks. If they are not sustaining the activity you started in the treatment room, during the weeks in between, their skin will go back to where it began, and you’ll have no forward momentum. You will start over each time they see you. Monthly peels on their own will not change anything over the long term. Their skin may look good (or improved) for a few days after the peel and then will revert back to how it was after a week or so.

Look at it as a workout program… you cannot workout with your personal trainer once a month, and do no workouts on your own in between visits, and expect to get fit or see results.

Bottom line, without home support, results are minimal. If clients are serious about making the changes they are looking for and you confirmed you could do, they will need to do their homework.

At Dermodality we train our professionals how to make the most dynamic and effective home care protocols for the best results at a reasonable cost to their clients. We help the skin care professional to understand the importance and the benefits of prescribing quality, active home care to ensure client retention and a healthy revenue stream.

As skin care professionals, our goal is to always help our clients to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. It is Dermodality’s goal to make sure our estheticians and skin care providers have all the tools to achieve those goals.