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Cosmetic Laser Technician – NALA INSTITUTE LV is now offering their Cosmetic Laser Technician program in Las Vegas next to Dermodality headquarters to bring you the most unique and advanced Cosmetic Laser Technician program available today.

Master the Art of Skin-Conditioning with Dermodality Chemical Exfoliation Course – Learn how to perform some of the most advanced chemical exfoliation treatments and increase your revenue potential with the Dermodality Chemical Exfoliation Course.

Microneedling – Learn the fundamentals of micro-needling, nano-needling and photon-needling. This course offers all you need to increase revenue and client retention.

Dermaplane Certification Class, is a comprehensive course designed for skin care professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and offer advanced services to their clients.

Dermodality Skin Solutions Body Wax and Skin Brightening Class is a one day, hands-on, comprehensive course that provides you with the needed education and confidence to provide quality waxing.

*purchase class one time then revisit as many times as needed, free of charge, so long as space is available. Kits included one time only.