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Custom Facial System

The only mask system treatment combined of active complexes developed specifically for estheticians. Providing five times the strength of commercially available treatment masks, our professional facial products are excellent for treating all skin conditions – inflammation, blemish, aging, sensitivity, Rosacea, pre and post peel!

100% Natural | Customizable | FDA-Approved | Active Ingredients

These unique professional facial products have a high degree of potency, giving Estheticians the ability to create an exclusive facial treatment for each client that can not be replicated anywhere else. By using the custom blending system, the professional can use the maximum concentration of actives and achieve better results. In commercially prepared products, the level of active ingredients is typically less than 1 percent. The active ingredient in our esthetician facial products that can be used through the Prescriptive Facial Mask System is as high as 5 percent.

Dermodality’s Prescription Facial System consists of concentrated components used to formulate any treatment for each individual’s skin condition. The professional facial products we carry contain some of the only customizable masks on the market. For example, our seaweed mask is detoxifying, anti-aging and used to increase circulation. Professionals can customize our esthetician facial products and treatments for all Fitzpatrick levels and skin conditions by mixing customized formulations of concentrated additives to provide targeted treatments using the purest of ingredients. If you’re looking for another customizable option, check out our hybrid chemical peels for estheticians!

Looking for more products in our professional skin care line? In addition to offering our professional facial products wholesale, we offer a plethora of professional skincare products for estheticians. Check out our professional chemical peels, professional mandelic acid peels, professional jessner peels, and more. We also provide professional skin care education for more information on our products and how to use them. If you’re a professional looking to offer more products to your clients, register an account with us today.