Jessner -BASE2 Peel


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Jessner BASE2 Peel
1.8 pH, 17% Lactic, 17% Salicylic, 17% Resorcinol

This high-depth BHA Jessner peel with TRIO acid combination removes multiple skin layers instantaneously to provide smooth texture and completely overhauled rejuvenated skin.

How does a professional Jessner peel work?

Salicylic acid dissolves hardened skin cells within the epidermal layer, lactic acid provides hydration, and resorcinol is added for its natural antiseptic properties. Together this TRIO synergizes their properties to effectively and dramatically correct hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, aging skin, and scarring.

Professional Jessner Peel Benefits:

  • High-depth penetration peel with TRIO acid combination
  • Potent ingredients improves overall texture, tone and clarity of the skin
  • Removes multiple skin layers instantaneously, revealing new skin underneath
  • Reduces dark patches, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age spots
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles

Can be used under our Pure Retinol 20/20 Peel or our Long Island Ice Tea Retinol 15/15.

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