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Credit Card Fee Policy


Policy Statement: To cover the costs associated with credit card processing and to maintain transparency with our customers, Dermodality implements a Credit Card Fee of 1.5% on all orders paid using credit cards. This fee will be calculated based on the total amount of the items in the shopping cart.

Scope: This policy applies to all customers and orders made through website, mobile application, or any other sales channel where credit card payments are accepted.

Policy Details:

  1. Calculation of the Credit Card Fee:
    • The Credit Card Fee will be calculated as 1.5% of the total cost of the items in the customer’s shopping cart.
    • The total cost includes the price of the products, applicable taxes, and any other charges.
  2. Payment Methods Exempt from the Credit Card Fee:
    • Payments made using methods other than credit cards (e.g., debit cards, cash, check, electronic funds transfer) are exempt from the Credit Card Fee.
  3. Notification and Transparency:
    • The Credit Card Fee will be clearly disclosed to customers during the checkout process before they confirm their order.
    • The fee will also be itemized on the customer’s order confirmation and invoice for transparency.
  4. Customer Communication:
    • Customers will be informed of the Credit Card Fee through various communication channels, including our website, customer service representatives, and order confirmation emails.
  5. Refunds and Returns:
    • In the event of a refund or return, the Credit Card Fee will be refunded proportionally in accordance with the refund amount.
  6. Compliance with Applicable Laws:
    • Dermodality will ensure that this policy complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to fees associated with credit card payments.
  7. Review and Adjustment:
    • Dermodality reserves the right to review and adjust the Credit Card Fee percentage as necessary. Any changes to the fee will be communicated to customers in advance.

Effective Date: This Credit Card Fee Policy will go into effect on 9-28-2023

Policy Owner: Dermodality Employees are responsible for the implementation, communication, and enforcement of this policy.

Enforcement: Failure to comply with this policy may result in the customer’s order not being processed until the Credit Card Fee is paid. Dermodality reserves the right to take appropriate actions in cases of non-compliance.

Approval: This policy has been approved and authorized by Tony Vogel, Owner, Dermodality Skin Solutions

Dermodality is committed to providing excellent service to our customers while maintaining transparency regarding fees associated with credit card payments. This policy ensures that the costs of credit card processing are covered, allowing us to continue offering high-quality products and services to our valued customers.