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Dermodality Pumpkin & Multi-Fruit Peel 30 (new and advanced paraben fee formulation)

Our industry award winning 30% AHA Pumpkin & Multi-fruit Peel has been reformulated replacing the parabens while advancing the natural enzyme value by three-fold. We also took another step to improve the synthetic pumpkin fragrance with a purely organic aroma while increasing the value of several active natural accruing ingredients. Through this process we were mindful of how products are perceived, insuring the highest-level organic ingredients as possible. Our highly active antioxidants and enzymes act like alpha-hydroxy acids, but rather than just stripping the skin of unwanted materials, the Dermodality Multi Fruit- Pumpkin Peel has the benefit of replenishing the skin with organically driven and highly concentrated antioxidants, Vitamins and nutrients. With our recent reformulation we increased three times the level of bilberry providing for 85% of our multi-fruit complex and increasing the enzyme value by 300%. Our Pumpkin is loaded with important antioxidants, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. The Beta-carotene derived from plant carotenoids that cascade into Vitamin A, this conversion process allows beta carotene to perform many important functions in overall health of the skin, including many aspects of anti-aging. Clarity and skin smoothness will be seen immediately following a pumpkin peel.  Other benefits of our Pumpkin Peel 30% include an increase in cell turnover, increased epidermal and dermal hydration, decreased fine lines and wrinkles while lightened pigmentation, stimulating collagen production and an immediate and noticeable tightening of the skin.

Dermodality has developed four hybrid peels designed to use underneath our Pumpkin Peel offering greater underlying peel penetration as well as the ability to provide a more prescriptive peel treatment. For example, using our 35% AHA Mandelic Peel as the underlying peel then layer our Pumpkin Peel over the top. it immediately begins to drive in the large mandelic molecule (8 carbon) allowing it to penetrate like a glycolic type sized molecule (2 carbon), offering all the anti-inflammatory, resurfacing and decongesting value exhibited in mandelic acid. Immediately you notice a great reduction of inflammation, while clarifying the skin while diminishing acne breakouts.


  • Provides exfoliation, allows acids to penetrate clogged pores
  • Assists in cell proliferation
  • Bilberry Extract – vasodilation allows for better penetration
  • Can be used alone or with other chemical peels
  • Ideal for use with other facial treatments such as micro-dermabrasion

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How our technology works:

By adding our own proprietary multi-fruit complex, Dermodality Pumpkin Peel creates a natural vasodilator that will stimulate circulation thus allowing the ability to for the vitamins, nutrients, AHAs and anti-oxidants to penetrate the skin due the MFC containing more than 85% bilberry, and high percentages of beta carotene and added vitamin A. Those with sensitive skin will be able to tolerate a pumpkin peel because it is not too intrusive while we add a true Proteolytic (key metabolizing mechanism). This process allows our Dermodality Pumpkin Peel to become a multi-functional tool. Using the vasodilating force of bilberry to allow each of the key actives to penetrate deeper while also driving our hybrid further into the skin as if they maintained a smaller molecular weight. This becomes a key value because we can utilize several higher concentrated AHA’s that do not case irritation while reducing the likes of glycolic acid percentage and gain a better result. Now you as a spa professional have control of our peels rather than the peel taking controlling of your layering treatment.


Multi-fruit active concentration

85% Bilberry, Sugar Cane 6%, Sugar Maple 2%, Orange 3%, Lemon 4%. Once blended, the extracts are concentrated by vacuum distillation until a specified concentration of actives is achieved. The product is then filtered to eliminate any particulate matter. Multi-Fruit is a natural product that contains a wide variety of residual natural substances, such as cellulose, carbohydrates, proteins, water soluble vitamins and minerals. When the process is complete, the material contains the following concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids: Lactic Acid 20%, Glycolic Acid 10%.

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