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Tony Vogel


Tony Vogel specializes in product development and development of education, with a background in Chemistry extending 35 years. He’s passionate about creating incredible skin care products that are fact based and made with integrity in mind. Tony has made it his mission to educate the medical aesthetic industry on the proper way to pre-condition and care for skin. He believes there’s a process to everything and that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon when it comes to skin. 

Starting in 1985, Tony worked with Aveda and ran operations for the Southern California market working with biochemists and meeting his first mentor where he would soon realize product development and education was his calling. Later in 1991, after Aveda, he was part of a cosmetic line called Beautiful Image Cosmetics where his first project was blending an aroma with essential oils and working them into a product. He also created a beautifully flavored lipstick that had good lasting value and moisture at the same time. In 2004 Tony started focusing purely on aesthetics and that was a huge turning point where he started working with private label companies, combining his background in chemistry with his career experience. 

Tony has made it a priority to work with chemists that are willing to engage with the direction and product development that is crucial and pivotal for him to advance his technology. This has propelled product development by creating retail products that have turned skin care technologies into high performance Home-Care products. For Tony this has been an evolution combined with a great desire to do better than what a chemist would do.