January Zoom Class One – Advanced Skin-Conditioning

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The focus of our advanced training is based on Dermodality’s proprietary pre-conditioning system that combines controllable hybrid peels layered in way that allows for the greatest flexibility based on one’s tolerance and specific needs, while providing expected results with little to no downtime. You will also learn how to combine Dermodality retail products to precondition your client’s skin, allowing for controllable and far more effective treatments.

Our advanced training course is designed to give the clinician a clear understanding of the science behind Dermodality’s highly effective treatment products. The following product information will be highlighted during the course.

  • Understanding how you can treat each client at a prescriptive level by utilizing Dermodality’s highly concentrated serum-based products.
  • The value of contemporary tyrosinase inhibitors that lighten and brighten the surface skin while internally stabilizing the melanin. How we have developed our unique pure retinols that are on par with all strengths of retin a without the side effects that come with use.
  • Discussions on Dermodality’s multi-faceted vitamin C products that include the use of stable forms of Vitamin C.
  • Utilization of growth factors and how they influence the skin’s texture, developing and stimulating proteins while fortifying the organization of the intercellular structure.
  • How we are utilizing the most advanced cellular communicators in the way of high concentrations of exosomes. These messaging molecules are amazing in their task of multi-tasking while carrying valuable information (payload) to the cells.

A product application video is part of this training so you can see how we perform in-office treatments. You will also receive a $20 credit to product of choice valid through the month of the training.




Jan 4, 2023 07:30 AM – thru 9:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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